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Job responsibilities

    Make fleet capacity planning (barging and floating crane) and to monitor the implementation of the planned schedule in order to support the activities Logistic optimal and effective for the company and group companies.
    • Creating a planning schedule fleet capacity (including: loading plan Kelanis plan unloading Taboneo, allocation floating crane to the vessel, the allocation barge to the floating crane, the allocation of contractors to these destinations, etc.), daily and weekly basis.
    • Monitor and control the movement of the whole fleet and field constraints are there to ensure the movement of the fleet goes according to the plan that has been made.
    • Creating a simulation of the operational and financial impact in case of occurrence in the field that caused the deviation with planning to be given to the employer as material for decision making.
    • Evaluate any information existing operations and make corrections (by manual / guideline plans available) of all deviations from the plans that have been determined to ensure the fleet schedule (barging and floating crane) is well run.
    • Using existing planning tools, while providing an improvement over the idea of ??planning tools used to ensure the updated its planning tools in accordance with developments / changes in the condition of the supply chain.
    • Prepare reports on performance (ex: contractor performance reports, KPI reports) periodically, as a learning material and to determine the trend of supply chain conditions.
    • Coordinate intensively with related field PIC (port captain Kelanis, port captain Taboneo, port captain barging, pic barging contractors, etc.), For any actual existing conditions to ensure the preservation of the implementation schedule has been arranged.

Job requirement

  • Min Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering
  • Fresh graduate are welcome to apply
  • Have good knowledge in Planning & Control and Water Supply Chain Management
  • Good communication skill and analytical thinking
  • Self motivated and able to work independently
  • Willing to work on Shift Schedule

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